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Posted on 2010.06.11 at 00:48
Current Music: My Morning Jacket - Rocket Man | Powered by Last.fm

Posted on 2010.06.08 at 00:26

Posted on 2010.06.07 at 13:18
cleaning rotten meat out of the fridge, painting, creating, cycling, bill-paying, extra-crediting, calling-loved-ones.

Noah edited this for me "For Aja"...it's from my birthday hike in Griffith Park :)

and so it is.

Posted on 2010.06.01 at 21:32
Current Music: Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came | Powered by Last.fm
Going back to blonde this summer...although i must say brunettes are better/sexier/smarter looking/mysterious/genuine, etc etc etc...but not as much fun! That's what summer is for.


Posted on 2010.05.31 at 09:51
There's a house with very complicated and unique architecture that keeps re-acuring in my dreams over the past months...maybe I should build it one day...or at least draw it out.

Does anyone have dreams with people you know who turn into other people you know, yet it's the same person and they interchange but it's okay and not weird in the dream? It happens to me a lot.

Posted on 2010.05.19 at 19:25
Troll 2 ("the best worst movie") documentary at the film school...woke up to a foggy Hollywood morning...spent my day at Loyola and in downtown Whittier, got a ticket for jaywalking...if the cops "care about my safety" so much, why did they let me cross the street halfway?

Posted on 2010.05.16 at 10:20
Current Music: band of horses
more high fives from boys while jogging, whyyyy.
i love babysitting...especially when he calls me from venice wanting me to be there, there's a soft spot in my heart for him, regardless of everything.

summer is approaching!

Posted on 2010.05.13 at 00:14

i made this on polyvore :)

Posted on 2010.05.12 at 23:28

Posted on 2010.05.09 at 21:37
"you can't be wise and in love at the same time." -bob dylan

Posted on 2010.05.06 at 22:43
why do i say such regrettable things on a daily basis? i need to start thinking before i speak.

Posted on 2010.04.27 at 13:02
received two random high fives while jogging today...one at Coachella, and from my coworkers on a regular basis...do I exude vibes that I want random high fives or does this happen to everyone?

Posted on 2010.04.26 at 23:49

Posted on 2010.04.22 at 01:01
Current Music: The Arcade Fire - Crown of Love | Powered by Last.fm
i think my favorite performances at coach were passion pit, grizzly bear, local natives, the temper trap, edward sharpe, the xx, she & him, vampire weekend, matt & kim, although everyone else was good, too!!!!! ahhh. too bad about the volcano...hmmm, also camera obscura and phoenix...but definitely passion pit & edward sharpe...they were magic! oh! and ra ra riot is always good, that was the 3rd time i saw them...and the avett bros.!!!! danggg. missed some people i wanted to see, but that's cool...can't see everyone, really.
miike snow was sooooo good too! i keep forgetting my favorites...

Posted on 2010.04.19 at 23:28
Current Music: Fanfarlo - Good Morning Midnight | Powered by Last.fm
all of my clothes from coachella smell of sweat & weed, major laundry sesh!!!!!

this weekend is too much to talk about atm...it was like a dream!!

i'm nineteen tomorrow :) good number.

painted brent's new apt. in hwood<3

dirt off yo shoulda'

Posted on 2010.04.08 at 21:50
Current Music: Yo La Tengo - Sometimes I Don't Get You | Powered by Last.fm

the dog is always barking at the mailman

Posted on 2010.04.06 at 20:38
Angeleno |ˌanjəˈlēnō| (also Los Angeleno, Angelino)noun ( pl. -nos)a native or inhabitant of Los Angeles : [as adj. ] Angeleno sports fans.ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from American Spanish.

just because i don't say anything doesn't mean i don't like you.

Posted on 2010.04.02 at 21:26
Current Music: Local Natives - Cubism Dream | Powered by Last.fm
sweden has produced a lot of good/popular musical artists over the years, compared to other euro countries (besides the u.k.)...has anyone else noticed this? it's been on my mind for a while.
abba, the sounds, the knife, the radio dept., the cardigans, lykke li, ace of base, shout out louds, a*teens(HA), peter bjorn & john, the hives, suburban kids with biblical names, the tallest man on earth, i'm from barcelona, miike snow...and its mostly really good! like, other euro countries' pop music is pretty much just silly & freaky, just something to laugh at...except for maybe french or german electro...maybe i'm wrong, but that's what i've noticed, & it just seems random...why sweden? why does this stand out to me?

Posted on 2010.04.01 at 23:03
Current Music: The Avett Brothers - Will You Return? | Powered by Last.fm

I felt so sure of everything
My love to you so well received
And I just strutted around your town
Knowing I didn’t let you down
The truth be known, the truth be told
My heart was always fairly cold
Posing to be as warm as yours
My way of getting in your world
But now I’m out and I’ve had time
To look around and think
And sink into another world
That’s filled with guilt and overwhelming

wow, this sums up everything perfectly.

can't you hear me?

Posted on 2010.03.29 at 00:16
Current Music: The Submarines - The Wake Up Song | Powered by Last.fm
on nights like this, the california breeze feels compelling & infinite.
Sunset & Vine...loveee.

Posted on 2010.03.27 at 00:40
my life is a romantic comedy.

in between the smooth stones & seaweed

Posted on 2010.03.26 at 17:57
Current Music: Lady GaGa - Poker Face | Powered by Last.fm
i feel like myself again. but better.

please don't let what was get in the way of what's next
-devendra banhart

Posted on 2010.03.25 at 08:04
Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You can not serve both God and Mammon.

—Matthew 6:19-21,24

Posted on 2010.03.21 at 22:35
"I like rednecks, at least they are honest enough to admit that the main reason they hate obama is cause he's black, the rest of them make up a bunch of BS about him to cover up blatant racism. I hate when people say he's a Communist, I have a girl in my speech class that grew up in a soviet occupied country, go and ask her about communism and see how ignorant you really are." -Max

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